B.Sc. Study Program in Geoscience

Der Bachelorsstudiengang Geowissenschaften ist ein Studiengang, der den Studierenden eine  Erfahrung in den Geowissenschaften vermittelt und es ihnen ermöglicht, eine Vielzahl von Spezialisierungen im weiteren Studium oder in der beruflichen Entwicklung zu verfolgen.  
Eckdaten zum Studiengang

Abschluss: Bachelor of Science
Studienbeginn: Wintersemester
Regelstudienzeit: 6 Semester
Zulassungsbedingungen: Keine Zulassungsbeschränkung / Kein NC
ECTS-Punkte: 180
Sprache: Deutsch (Eine begrenzte Anzahl von Kursen wird in englischer Sprache angeboten).

Infos zum Studium

Etna Excursion

Geoscientists work in the field, the lab, and with computers to study the Earth. Geoscientists help protect our planet by studying the processes at work within it and on its surface. They help society by allowing it to procure energy resources in a sustainable way and protect it from natural disasters.  They locate natural resources such as water, mineral, building materials and energy sources. They offer advice on major infrastructure projects. As a geoscientist, you can make a huge impact on the world around you.

Where do geoscientists work? Geologists find career opportunities in many different fields, including:

  • Education (Schools and Universities)
  • Environmental remediation and engineering
  • Mining and hydrocarbon exploration and extraction
  • Sustainable energy policy
  • Natural hazard assessment
  • Land use planning
  • Planetary science

Successful geoscience graduates from The Ruhr University Bochum work for geotechnical firms, national and international companies, government agencies, high schools, research institutes, and universities.

Are you thinking about being a geoscientist or want to find out what one does? Geoscientists use chemistry, physics, and biology to study the Earth. They can do nearly any combination of approaches in their careers that suits their interests: field work, lab work, working with computers, and working detailed or large-scale research. They often have to combine their knowledge of geology with math, chemistry, physics, and biology to try and understand the Earth as a system. Successful students of the geosciences should bring with them:

  • Readiness to study a technical subject
  • Willingness to work on scientific problems where only fragments of information may be available
  • Willingness to build comraderie and collaboration with your fellow students and colleagues 

The GMG is an ideal place to study the geosciences because of it is one of the only insitutes in German universities that offers such a wide array of disciplines within one insitute.  It also has an international team of instructors and a bi-national study program (at the MSc level) that allow students many opportunities to gain international experience. Because of the range of specialties, students can prepare from a wide range of careers in the geosciences by building their expertise in a diverse, cross-disciplinary, and international environment that give them a competitive edge in the job market. 

Fieldwork is an integral part of the BSc and MSc training here at the GMG.  It ranges from local and regional field trips in remote areas that build on basic mapping skills, to more advanced structural mapping courses. It also includes more technical courses that require sampling and specialized equipment, and relates to all aspects of the geosciences program, including petrology, engineering geology, hydrogeology, and geophysical field work in Germany and other parts of Europe, as well as in locations as far away as Argentina. 

Tips from current students are coming soon....

Einschreibung in den Studiengang Geowissenschaften B.Sc.

You can find all relevant information using 

The BSc study program in the GMG is in the German language.  For general information about applying for admission to the RUB, see the following link. To find out specific details about applying to the program at GMG, contact Sabine Feige in the exam office

Das Studium ist auch ohne Abitur möglich. Infornationen finden Sie unter folgendem link

An internship in the BSc program is recommended but not mandatory. Students can find out about opportunities in the exam office. 

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