Amoreira Beach
Plunging chevron fold at Amoreira Beach, SW Portugal

Structural Geology

The Structural Geology Group at RUB puts strong emphasis on integrating traditional field work techniques and high-tech modern ones (e.g. 3D numerical modelling, terrestrial LIDAR, remote-sensing, GIS). Besides hammering and measuring rocks we have a solid experience in geomechanical and thermal numerical modelling, processing of satellite imagery, GIS and we are actively building knowledge in terrestrial LIDAR scanning. Our research concentrates mostly, but not exclusively, on fracture tectonics and the influence of tectonic discontinuities on a variety of phenomena in the upper crust. We are particularly keen to investigate problems related to permeability and fluid flow in the deep underground, lithospheric (paleo)stresses and geothermal heat transfer. We are interested and involved in regional studies and large-scale tectonic problems as well.

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