Tectonics and Resources

Research interests of Stephan Schuth

Research Interests

  • Formation, evolution, and interaction of Earth's hydrosphere and siliciclastic reservoirs.
  • The cycle of redox indicators V and Fe (concentrations and isotopic signatures) in the geosphere and hydrosphere (oceans, rivers, ores, and the crust)
  • Relocation processes of metals in ore deposits and synthetic mineral phases (Pd, Pt), and the stable isotopic signatures of Fe and V in rocks and mineral phases in low- and high-temperature environments
  • Geodynamics in young subduction zones (Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia).

Funded projects

  • SCHU 2695/5-2 (2020-2021, PI) "Natural variations in 51V/50V isotopy: a new redox indicator?" Follow-up proposal to project SCHU 2695/5-1 (2018-2019). 170 600 € for 18 months, including dedicated PI position.
  • SCHU 2695/5-1 (2018-2019, PI): "Natural variations of the 51V/50V isotopy: a new redox indicator?" 160 200 € for 18 months, including PI's own position.
  • SCHU 2695/4 and WE 2850/15 (2015-2018, co-PI with S. Weyer) as part of SPP-1833 "Building a habitable Earth": "Uranium and V isotope variations in Archean sediments: Indicators of metal mobilization and enzymatic reduction in an anoxic world?". Budget: €140,000 total.

Coordination of research projects

  • BMBF grant 033R119E (2014-2018, PI: F. Holtz): "Mobility and behavior of Platinum metals in oxidized ores", 206 000 €. This project was an integral part of the multi-institutional German-South African project AMREP "Applied Mineralogy for Resource Efficiency of Platinum Metals" with a total budget of about 1.4 M €. Project coordination and scientific support for F. Holtz by S. Schuth.
  • DAAD funding (2008, submitted by C. Münker) of 8 100 € as travel grant for a student excursion to Indonesia. The application was largely prepared by S. Schuth and S. König.
  • DFG grant MU 1406/2 (2003-2006, PI: C. Münker, co-PI: C. Ballhaus): "Geochemical budget and petrogenesis of island arc volcanics of the Solomon Islands" . The proposal provided funding for the PhD project of S. Schuth, who was significantly involved in the proposal preparation and coordinated the extensive field campaign.