Institute for Geology, Mineralogy and Geophysics


Our institute is currently involved in numerous activities aimed at reaching the public and improving science communication. Here you can find our latest public outreach activities!

Highlights of the RUB picture Gallery

In detail

Research often takes place at a very small scale! Things can get colorful and fascinating there... (content in German)


Gneiss Chats Podcast

Join us as Dr. Vitor Barrote and Dr. Silvia Volante and their guests discuss science, teaching, and all sorts of relevant topics in the geosciences! 

Mineralogical Collection

The whole periodic table in one Mineral!

2019 was the international year of the periodic table of the elements. This was an occasion for RUB geoscientists to take a closer look at the composition of the mineral tourmaline. In their opinion, it is record-breaking.... (content in German).

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