Dr. Jonathan Bedford (Atacama Desert Chile)

Tectonic Geodesy

This workgroup, led by Prof. Dr. Jonathan Bedford, focusses on identifying and characterizing transient plate tectonic motions on the minutes to decades timescale. For this we analyze mainly Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS/"GPS") data from specially-built tectonic grade permanent GNSS stations. We also consider a variety of in-situ and satellite geodetic data to model plate tectonic accelerations within the interacting Earth systems. We busy ourselves with time-series algorithm development, machine learning modelling, kinematic modelling, and GNSS station deployment activities.

Much of our current research is within the scope of the ERC funded project TectoVision. The end goal of this project is to bring us closer to realizing a global surveillance of plate tectonic accelerations, and therefore a better understanding of how plates move in the time between large earthquakes.

The Working Group

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Arbeitsrichtungen / Arbeitsgruppen


The seismology working group operates the seismological stations BUG and IBBN as part of the German Regional Seismic Network and a local network to monitor natural and mining induced seismicity in the Ruhr mining district.


Experimental Geophysics

In the Experimental Geophysics group, we use laboratory and field experiments to investigate the physical properties and deformation behavior of rocks. Our research results provide information on various geological and geophysical processes, such as the hydraulic behavior of geothermal reservoirs, interaction of fluids and rocks, hydrothermal alteration and poro-elastic effects, and earthquake processes in the Earth's crust and upper mantle.

Head of Working Group: Prof. Dr. Joerg Renner