Tektonik und Rohstoffe

Research interests of Mathias Hueck

I am interested in the interaction between tectonics, geochronology, and petrology, and its application in reconstructing regional geological evolutions and calibrating tectonic processes. Most of my research has been focused in using a multi-disciplinary combination of fieldwork and laboratorial analyses in order to investigate the geological evolution of Precambrian terranes from the lower to the uppermost crust. My main study areas are in Brazil, Uruguay, and Namibia.

Research interests and ongoing collaborations:

  • Long-term deformation history of major shear zones
  • Geochronological and isotopic reconstruction of Archean to Proterozoic terranes
  • Low-temperature tectonic history of Precambrian shields
  • Petrogenesis and emplacement of late- to post-collisional Neoproterozoic granitic magmatism
  • Evolution of post-collisional basins and associated volcanism
  • Calibration of zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronology using Raman spectroscopy and LA-ICP-Ms in-situ analysis
  • Fault gouge dating using K-Ar in illite