Petrology and Geochemistry

Dr. Arne Willner

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Arne Willner

Research Interests

Petrology and Crystalline Geology; pressure-temperature-time-deformation paths and geodynamic history of accretionary prisms and collisional wedges; mineral chemistry; geothermobarometry; fluid-rock interactions, geochronology of metamorphic processes; microfabrics; provenance detritus analysis.

Education and degrees

1972        Abitur at Gymnasium Hammonense in Hamm /Germany

1972-78   Study of geology at the universities of Münster (D) and Durham (GB)

1978        Diplom: “Diplomgeologe” at the University of Münster / Germany

1983        Doctoral degree: “ Dr.rer.nat.“ at the University of Münster / Germany

1993        Habilitation “venia legendi” for petrology and geology at the University of   

                Bochum / Germany

2001        Nomination as extraordinary professor at the University of Bochum (D)

Positions held

04/79-04/80     Guest scientist at the University of Tucuman / Argentina

05/80-08/85     Research scientist at the University of Münster / Germany

12/84-02/85    Expert in evaluation team of GTZ GmbH in Saudi-Arabia (Ore prospecting)

01/86-12/90    Assistant professor in mineralogy at the University of  Bochum / Germany

                       (five months guest scientist at UCT Cape Town / South Africa)

01/91-02/93     Research scientist in petrology at the University of Bochum / Germany

03/93-04/95    Substitute of the chair of mineralogy at the University of Frankfurt / Germany

05/95-09/95     Research scientist in petrology at the University of Münster /Germany

19/95-03/97    Substitute of the chair of mineralogy at the University of Mainz / Germany

(also teaching at the Mining University of Freiberg / Germany)

04/97-08/99    Substitute of the chair of geology at RWTH Aachen University / Germany

09/99-09/00    Research scientist in petrology at the University of Bochum / Germany

10/00-07/01    Freelance  translator

08/01-01/04     Research scientist in petrology at the University of  Bochum / Germany

02/04-01/06    Freelance translator, science journalist and research scientist

02/06-02/09    Research scientist at the universities of Bochum and Stuttgart / Germany

11/09-03/10    Short term lecturer of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD

                       at the universities of Buenos Aires / Argentina and Quito / Ecuador

04/10-09/14    Research scientist at the universities of Bochum and Stuttgart / Germany

10/14-02/16   Substitution of a full professor of petrology at the University of Heidelberg (D)

03/16-10/18    Research scientist at the universities of  Bochum and Stuttgart  / Germany

09/16-04/17    Substitution of a full professor of petrology at RWTH Aachen University (D)

Since 11/18    Research scientist at the University of Bochum / Germany

                       (retired since 1.1.2020)

Current cooperation partners


Florencia Boedo (Buenos Aires)

Camilo de los Hoyos (Mendoza)

Mario Larrovere (La Rioja)

Juan Cruz Martinez (Bahia Blanca)

Graciela Vujovich (Buenos Aires)


Sandra Barr (Wolfville)

Cees van Staal (Vancouver)

Chris White (Halifax)

Alexandre Zagorevski (Ottawa)


Mauricio Calderón (Santiago)

Estanislao Godoy (Santiago)

Francisco Hervé (Santiago)

Fernando Sepúlveda (Santiago)


Xu-Ping Li (Qingdao)


Theo Toulkeridis (Quito)


Axel Gerdes (Frankfurt)

Johannes Glodny (Potsdam)

Thomas Müller (Göttingen)

Rolf Romer (Potsdam)

Jan Schönig (Göttingen)

Sven Sindern (Aachen)

Masafumi Sudo (Potsdam)


Carita Augustsson (Stavanger)


Robert Anczkiewicz (Kraków)

Marek Awdankiewicz (Wroclaw)

Stanislaw Mazur (Kraków)


Victor Puchkov (Ufa/Jekaterinburg)


Uwe Ring (Stockholm)


Taras Gerya (Zürich)


Stuart Thomson (Tucson)

Publication List

85. Willner, A.P., van Staal, C.R. , Glodny, J., Sudo, M. & Zagorevski, A. (2021): Conditions and timing of metamorphism near the Baie Verte Line (Baie Verte Peninsula; NW Newfoundland, Canada), multiple re-activation within a suture zone of an arc-continent collision. In Y. D. Kuiper, J. B.Murphy, R. D. Nance, R. A. Strachan, M. D. Thompson (eds): New Developments in the Appalachian-Caledonian-Variscan Orogen. GSA Special Papers in press

84. Schönig, J., von Eynatten, H., Meinhold, G., Lünsdorf, N.K,  Willner, A.P. & Schulz, B. (2021) Reply to comment on “Deep subduction of felsic rocks hosting UHP lenses in thecentral Saxonian Erzgebirge: Implications for UHP terrane exhumation” Gondwana Research 98, 320-323.

83. Duan, W.-Y., Li, X.-P., Schertl, H.-P., Willner, A.P., Wang, S.-J., Chen, S., Sun, G.-M. (2021): Rodingitization records from ocean-floor to high pressure metamorphism in the Xigaze ophiolite, southern Tibet. Gondwana Research 97, 121-137.FormularbeginFormularende

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