Physico-chemical Mineralogy

Prof. Sumit Chakraborty

Professor of physico-chemical Mineralogy Ph.D. 1990, Arizona, U.S.A.

Sumit Chakraborty
Prof. Sumit Chakraborty

Application of Physical Chemistry through experiments, theory and in the field to understand timescales and mechanisms of geochemical and cosmochemical processes. Understanding the atomistic mechanisms of flow and creep of silicates and oxides. Application of diffusion controlled processes in Materials Science problems.

Experiments carried out at high pressures (to 15 GPa) and/or temperatures (upto 1800°C) provide kinetic (e.g. diffusion coefficients) and thermodynamic (e.g. activity coefficients) data. Many of the experiments use nanometer scale thin films of complex oxides and silicates produced using Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD). This facility is unique in the Geosciences and enables us to produce thin films with complex geometry and chemistry. Analytical methods used include a particle accelerator (e.g. RBS, NRA, PIXE) at RUBION on campus, electron microprobes with high resolution FEG capability, dual beam SEM with EBSD attachment and capabilities of focused ion beam (FIB) thinning, CL-microscopes and white light interference microscopes in the department, and SIMS and analytical transmission electron microscopy (ATEM) with collaborators. Facilities for observations using Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)  and 3D Xray tomography are available on campus.

Theoretical work is directed towards development of methods and tools for diffusion chronometry and geospeedometry. Exploring relationships between thermodynamic and kinetic parameters, point defect thermodynamics of minerals, combined thermodynamic-kinetic modeling of geochemical processes (e.g. textural evolution using Phase field modeling) and integration of thermomechanical models with kinetic calculations (e.g. grain growth vs. diffusion) to constrain time scales of geological and cosmochemical processes are other theoretical and modelling based research directions.

Field areas of current research interest include volcanics at Campe Flegrei (Italy) and Eifel (Germany), high grade metamorphics for studying early Earth processes (Coorg block, S. India) and recent tectonic processes at Himalaya (Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh).

  • 1997 - Habilitation, University of Cologne
    Habilitationsschrift: Diffusionsvorgänge in geologisch relevanten Mineralen und Schmelzen (Diffusion processes in geologically relevant minerals and melts)
    Supervisor: Prof. H. Palme
  • 1990 - Ph.D, University of Arizona
    Dissertation: Multicomponent cation diffusion in aluminosilicate garnets: theory, experiments and applications.
    Supervisor: Prof. Jibamitra Ganguly
  • 1983 - M.Sc (Geology), Calcutta University, Calcutta, India
    Thesis: Petrology of the area around Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi District, Orissa, India.
    Supervisor: Prof. Aniruddha De
  • 1980 - B.Sc with honors in Geology, Presidency College, Calcutta University, Calcutta, India



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  • Field work on rock description in the field

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  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetics
  • Igneous Petrology




  • President of the Geochemical Society


  • Dana Medal 2016 from the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA)


  • Fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA)



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  • BS Butler Fellowship, Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona (best graduate student)
  • Selected for the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Trust Foundation Scholarship - selected as one of ten candidates from across India and across all academic disciplines


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  • Elected Vice President of the Geochemical Society


  • Joint Chair (with Adina Paytan) of the Science Committee, Goldschmidt Conference, Honolulu (taking place as a virtual conference during the corona pandemic)


2018, 2019

  • Theme Chair (together with others) in Nanoscience in Geochemistry themes at the Goldschmidt Conferences in Boston and Barcelona



  • Chairman of the Examination Committee, Institute GMG, Ruhr University Bochum



  • Director of RUBION, Ruhr University Bochum



  • Appointment officer, Ruhr University Bochum



  • Elected to the Board of Directors of the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) for 2010 - 2012



  • Member of the Senate, Ruhr University Bochum




  • Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh, Himalaya, India (Metamorphism and Partial melting in a recently active continental collision zone)
  • Madurai Block, Dharwar Craton and the Coorg Block, South India (Rates and timescales of thermal and mechanical processes in the Early Archean Earth)
  • Recent volcanics from Mt. Etna, Sicily (timescales of magmatism studied in connection with surface monitoring data and mechanical modelling, collaboration with the group of Klaus Hackl at mechanical engineering)

Other natural samples being studied come from:

  • Hess Deep, Pito Deep and various other sites along the Mid Atlantic and Costa Rica rifts, obtained from the Ocean drilling project (ODP).
  • Chondrites (e.g. Allende) and various Mars meteorites

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DFG Forschergruppe 2881

Diffusion Chronometry of magmatic systems

Geological processes occur in and on the Earth over a range of timescales that form a nested, hierarchical structure. Determining the durations of processes that occur on the shorter end of this time-spectrum has been a challenge. The tools of diffusion chronometry have emerged as a very promising method to provide solutions in many situations.

Zentrale Enrichtung für Ionenstrahlen und Radionuklide


Unsere Mission ist es, Methoden und Geräte zur Verfügung zu stellen, die einzelne Arbeitsgruppen nicht betreiben können. Unser Fokus liegt dabei auf ionenstrahl-basierten Techniken zur Materialanalyse und -modifikation, dem sicheren Umgang mit radioaktiven Isotopen sowie der hochauflösenden Mikroskopie.