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Announcement of a joint DMG – MSA event

    We would like to draw your attention to a short course on the

    Application of diffusion studies to the determination of timescales in geochemistry and petrology

    to be held at the

    Institut für Geologie, Mineralogie und Geophysik; Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany

    1-5 October 2012

    This is a joint Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft (DMG, The German Mineralogical Society) Short Course and Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) Workshop.

    Bochum is located at the heart of Europe. It is therefore very conveniently accessible by road, train and air. The surrounding region, which includes Cologne and Dusseldorf, is densely settled and boasts a world-renowned cultural infrastructure.

    Content: That course is directed at petrologists, geochemists and planetary scientists interested in retrieving information on timescales of processes from their rocks. Such information might include the residence times of magmas in their reservoirs, the cooling- or exhumation rates of rocks, the duration of terrestrial or extra-terrestrial (e.g. parent bodies of meteorites) metamorphism, the duration of fluid flow (e.g. metasomatism by fluids / melts in the crust or mantle), and the evaluation and application of closure temperatures. Our focus will be high temperature processes. Therefore "high temperature Thermochronometry" or "Geospeedometry" are related keywords that may describe the course contents.

    Goals and expected profile of participants: Previous experience with numerical modeling or programming is not required, but an interest in learning the rudiments of these tools is. One of the objectives of the course, however, is to demonstrate how much it is possible to accomplish without any or with very little programming. The basic information on diffusion that is required for carrying out such calculations will be provided, but this is not a course designed to cover all aspects of diffusion in minerals and melts. Please see contents for the course Diffusion in Geological Materials, to be held in Vienna ( for a complementary set of topics.

    In addition to instruction via lectures, a major component of the course will be hands on training in small groups to enable participants to "do your own" modeling. Participants will be expected to bring their own laptop computers. All instruction and exercises will be in English.

    The course material will be designed for graduate students or post-docs starting off in the fields mentioned above, but participants with all levels of experience and expertise are of course welcome. To maintain the hands-on nature of the course, we expect to restrict the number of participants to around 30, to be given out on a first come first serve basis. Student members of DMG and MSA will be given priority for registration if demand for a slot becomes a concern.

    Instructors: Instruction will be provided by the staff, post-docs and graduate students at the Ruhr Universitaet Bochum. These include Sumit Chakraborty, Ralf Dohmen, Thomas Mueller, Massimiliano Tirone, Maren Kahl, Kathrin Faak and Sascha Borinski.

    Registration and Fees: Interested participants can express intention to register by sending an email containing a brief paragraph describing their background / reasons for wanting to participate to:

    There are NO course fees as such. However, we will charge a nominal fee of 30 Euros to cover expenses for refreshments during the course and for some course materials. Upon receiving an acknowledgement from Ralf that a place is available, this amount should be transmitted to the following bank account within 15 days to book a place:

    Thomas Fockenberg
    Account Number (Kontonummer): 501 449 541
    Bank Tracking Code (BLZ): 424 614 35
    Bank Name: Volksbank Kirchhellen
    IBAN Code: DE48 4246 1435 0501 4495 41

    Further Information and Web: More details on course content and information on details of travel, accommodation etc. and other updates will be provided soon on this Webpage.

    General enquiries: Sumit Chakraborty ( or Ralf Dohmen ( Information on non-technical matters can be obtained from the departmental Secretary's office as well: Agnes Otto (