Seismology – Research

Seismicity in the Hellenic Subduction Zone

The seismology working group covers several areas of research that are briefly described in the following: One main area of active research are seismotectonic studies of the Hellenic subduction zone. In the past several field campaigns were carried out that focused on the island of Crete as part of the forearc. In the last years we were operating a network on the central part of the Hellenic Volcanic Arc (CYC-NET) to study local seismicity and structure. This network was expanded to the whole southern Aegean within the project EGELADOS from October 2005 to April 2007. Since April 2007 the NISYROS network is running in the eastern part of the Aegean.

Seismicity in the Ruhr area

The geophysical department operates the seismological stations BUG and IBBN as part of the German Regional Seismic Network and a local network to monitor natural and mining induced seismicity in the Ruhr mining district.

Current Research Projects

The following is a (yet incomplete) list of ongoing research projects:

Old Research Projects