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The lecture Numerical Methodes in Geoscience has been awarded the eLearning-Label again in WS 2012/13. The label documents that selected quality standards for e-learning are fulfilled.

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Yearly report 2010

Thumbnail of the 2010 yearly report\'s cover

The yearly report of 2010 of the Seismological Observatory is now available (in German, Nov. 20, 2013).

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Nuclear weapons test in North Korea

Seismograms North Korea Feb. 12, 2013

North Korea has committed an underground nuclear weapons test on Feb. 12., 2013 at ca. 12:00 local time (3:00 UTC). The seismic waves arrived after ca. 11 minutes and 36 seconds in the Ruhr area (7500 km distance). The arrival of the seimic waves are clearly seen in the seismograms.

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Earthquake at the Dutch-German Border

seismograms (small)

An earthquake of magnitude 4.4 occured at the Dutch-German border on Sep. 8, 2011 at 21:03 (CEDT, 19:03 UTC). This earthquake could be felt as far as Bochum (75 km distance).

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