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What is the meaning of Endogenous Geology?

Endogenous Geology deals with processes in the Earths crust and upper mantle, driven by convective heat transfer from the interior of the Earth. Here, operating principle is the analysis and interpretation of the geological record, which provides insight into past processes and conditions at depths, which are at present un-accessible at comparable resolution and detail. As such, the past is the key to the present. Scaled laboratory experiments and numerical simulations, both being motivated by the natural record, help to test hypotheses and to transfer observations into quantitative results. Our emphasis is on (1) structure and deformation of the lithosphere on all length- and time-scales, based on the mechanical behaviour of rocks, and (2) on the generation, ascent, and extrusion of magma, or solidification beneath the surface, i.e. volcanism and plutonism. Endogenous Geology provides the essential understanding of crustal structure and properties, which is required in wide fields of social relevance, from underground engineering to the exploration of mineral and energy resources.