Forschung der Endogenen Geologie

Research Endogenous Geology

Topics and Publications

Here you find the principal research topics of the Endogenous Geology group at RUB, followed continuously or intermittendly since 1986. Results obtained in various projects are accessible in the publications listed chronologically below, with reference to the respective research topic (numbers in the right column). Between 1999 and 2011, most of the research of our group was carried out within the scope of the Collaborative Research Center 526 (SFB 526), entitled “Rheology of the Earth - from the upper crust into the subduction zone”, funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG).

Topic Nr.:
Rheology of crustal rocks at high and ultrahigh pressure in nature and experiment 1
Convergent margin tectonics and high pressure metamorphism – numerical simulations 2
Tectonic history of Crete and the forearc of the retreating Hellenic subduction zone 3
Quartz microfabrics 4
The structural record co-seismic loading and postseismic creep in the middle crust 5
Tectonics on human timescales – the effect of earthquakes on the deeper crust 6
Process and damage zones in rocks 7
Dissolution precipitation creep in rocks 8
Interfacial free energy driven processes as recorded by natural rocks 9
History of the hydrothermal system  in the Long Valley Exploratory Well, Phase III 10
Fluid inclusions in high and ultrahigh pressure metamorphic rocks 11
Denudation history of the Patagonian Andes related to the northward migration of the Chile Triple Junction 12
Continental Deep Drilling (KTB) 13
Tectonics and petrology in the European Alps – various topics 14
Tectonics and structural geology – various topics 15
Deformation and microfabrics - various topics 16
Other Publications 17


 Publications: Topic:
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